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Obtaining the Australian visa demands the accomplishment of several requirements. One of them is to show to Australian immigration that you are a genuine temporary student, have clear goals related to the course you have chosen and how relevant it is for your educational life and professional career, demonstrating your intention to remain in Australia only for a specific period of time, according to your course length.


It’s essential to prove all the evidences of your ties to home country, such as properties, family business, employer invitations, among others. It’s also important to prove that you or your parents have enough resources for all your expenses during your study period in Australia.


Demonstrating all of this will bring consistence to your visa process, making the immigration analysis easier and making you succeed in approving the desired student visa.


Right Now Study supports the students in all steps, since the profile analysis, needs and expectations until the best academic choice, the best way to be followed. We also help them in order to organize all mandatory documentation during the whole process until its closure.


After getting the visa, Right Now Study conducts and warns the students about the relevance of following the strict Australian rules and laws in order to avoid future problems and difficulties making your experience easier and smooth. The student visa will also enable you to work 40 hours fortnightly in addition being able to enjoy vacation periods, which vary according to the course length, as well as the visa length.

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