The most famous and populous city in Australia has a range of entertainment options for all tastes and pockets! Although it is the most known city, it is not the Australia federal capital (which is Canberra). Actually, Sydney is the New South Wales capital. Perhaps for its natural beauties and for the widely known attractions (the magnificent Opera House, the majestic Harbour Bridge), the truth is that there are lots of delightful places in this multicultural city. You can spend a whole year living in the city and it still will have something great and new to find out around there every single day. Beaches, parks, museums, historical building, bars and restaurants as well as a fauna and flora become Sydney a unique destination. The hometown of many famous people, the eternal Wolverine Hugh Jackman, the world champion Ian Thorp, the talented actress Toni Collete (of the must-see movie Muriel’s wedding) looks like a movie set, just amazing!

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Melbourne is the capital and the most populous city of Victoria state, as well as being Australia’s second most populous city, after Sydney.

One of the major economies country centres, it’s constantly among the best city for living in the world (although it’s one of the coldest weather in the territory). Melbourne spreads art for everywhere and you never know when could be surprised by a new show or a hidden art gallery. Not an accident, the gorgeous Catherine Blanchet was born there as well as the actor Etic Bana.

One of the most famous attractions in Australia is in Melbourne – the charming and iconic Bathing boxes. They are 82 little colored houses along Brighton Beach, each of them with unique style and different beautiful colors.


Brisbane is the charming capital of the state of Queensland and the third largest city in the country. Even though it is a big city and all the facility you can easily notice a calmer rhythm. At downtown you can find good restaurants, night clubs, cafes, excellent stores, wonderful gardens and different entertainments options. The Brisbane river runs around all the city showing the perfect opportunity to walk across the botanic gardens along the river’s footbridge. The fact of the sea is a little far from the downtown, it is not a big deal because there is an artificial beach in Southbank, built next to the city commercial center.


Gold Coast

Known by beautiful and great beaches, this city located in Queensland state is the perfect destination for surfers lovers. Widely known beaches, such as Surfers Paradise and Burleigh Head, Gold Coast is the ideal place for those who search the typical Australian lifestyle: sun, sports, and outdoor life! Aussie people (read ‘Ozzy’, as Australians are called) find at the beach their hideaway!!