Australia is one of the most popular destinations for those who wish to acquire fluency in English, and has the second highest HDI (Human Development Index) according to the UN. Recognized by their superiority, the country's universities are among the top 100 in the world according to the "QS World University Rankings" that publishes this ranking annually.

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Type of courses:

General English 

Will enable students to use English socially, for study and for work. Student will learn the four skills of listening, speaking reading and writing.

English for Professionals

These courses present content and methodology developed according to the profile and needs of the professionals of each area, allowing that besides the vocabulary to communicate in the language in the day to day of their professional environment, they are able to produce reports, presentations and to conduct meetings.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Preparing students for study at an English-speaking university, higher education or vocational institute.

If the student prefers, there are also preparatory courses for other types of certification in English proficiency, such as:

IELTS (Sistema Internacional de Teste da Língua Inglesa)

IELTS is developed in partnership with the British Council and IELTS Australia with the intention of reflecting a variety of contexts of English language use without regard to nationality, ensuring that the test is fair to anyone who speaks British, American or Australian English.


Developed by Cambridge University, UK, the Cambridge certificate can be obtained at different levels of English and is a great advantage in the search for job opportunities in Australia.

FCE, the most basic and popular Cambridge exam, is suitable for those who already have an intermediate level of English. The certification attests to the individual's ability to work in offices and study in the country.

CAE, advanced level examination, is indicated for those who already have an advanced level of English and need a certificate for more advanced professional purposes such as management positions, and academic purposes (recognized by a large number of universities as proof of linguistic competence to attend undergraduate and postgraduate courses).

CPE, Cambridge's most advanced examination, is recognized as proof of fluency in English and requires candidates to express themselves spontaneously on complex subjects


PTE Academic is the English test you can use to prove your English ability as part of all Australian visa applications. PTE Academic is accepted by all Australian universities, as well as by professional associations and state government departments.

Right Now Study also offers support in enrolments from primary school until masters and post graduates courses:

Vocational Courses

Training (VET)

It is also known as "third stage", or "third level and post-secondary education", is the educational level after completion of secondary (or high school) education.

Superior Courses

Bachelor Degree

Usually lasts three years and it is the basic qualification for entry to a field. It will give a systematic body of knowledge, the underlying principles and the problem-solving techniques. With deeper content than an Associate Degree, the Bachelor Degree will develop student’s skills and knowledge to the point where they can pursue postgraduate studies if desired.

Postgraduate or Graduate Certificate

It lasts about 6 months and it will broaden individual skills the student already has from an undergraduate program, or develop their  knowledge in a new area


A two-year program that may help to prepare graduates for a career in leadership and management in the business world.

Masters Degree 

A Master Degree is a course of independent research, traditional coursework or a combination of the two, and will make the student a leader in the chosen field. A Master Degree takes either one year after a Bachelor Degree with honours, or two years after a Bachelor Degree.

Further information on other certifications may be obtained from our consultants.