Right Now Study also offers airport transfer service to your new residence in Australia. This service is such a great convenience since you will be tired and a bit dizzy after a long fly. However, you can also choose using the public transportation or even a taxi, easy and safe services in Australia.

Australian has got a high quality of public transportation services, an excellent option to commute and it's widely used among students. You pay the fare according to the distance traveled, you can follow buses and trains lines schedules through some apps and you are also able to plan yourself in advance for all your commutes.

We can mention Sydney as an example of the good quality of public transportation and, more specifically, at Sydney International Airport, there is a train station just to few steps from the landing area. The fair from this station is different from the others. According the the Opal Travel* site the fare charged is AU$14,30 - https://www.opal.com.au/en/opal-fares/airport_station_access_fee/.

For further information see the city public transportation service links which will help you to get more easily to your destination. Our consultants can also help you with the destination options.

* transportation card used in Sydney.